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Cannonsnap Farms

Who We Are

Connecting to the past.

Embracing today.

Forging a legacy for tomorrow.

Welcome to Cannonsnap Farms located deep in the heart of Texas. Surrounded by the gentle rolling hills and creek bottoms characteristic of the Post Oak Savannah region lies our ranch where we graze beef cattle on native and improved pastures and raise standard-size Australian Shepherds. 

​My family has been farming and ranching in Milam County since the 1850s. Although the original acreage belonging to my great-great-great grandfather is no longer in the family, the love of ranching runs strong in my family. The land that we now call Cannonsnap Farms was purchased in the 1960s by my parents. The name is inspired by a nearby creek that flowed through that original parcel belonging to my great-great-great grandfather.  

I grew up on this land working Angus cattle with my family and it called me back after years away during my husband's military career. We enjoyed living all around the United States during my husband's career, but jumped at the opportunity to get back closer to home as soon as we could after retirement. I wanted our children to get to know and love the land that I grew up on. To run, play, and explore in the woods and alongside the creek beds. To recognize each season by the smell of the land and sounds of nature. To understand who their grandparents were just a little bit by the ground beneath their feet. 


My husband, Gary, and I are working hard to reclaim and replenish the land thru regenerative agriculture practices. Our dream is to see this land continue to provide for future generations while connecting our family to past generations that have worked this land.    

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