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Our Cattle and Beef Sales

Now taking deposits on beef! 
We will have 4 black Angus steers ready June 2023.

Cannonsnap Farms cattle are raised on pasture from birth until the day they load in the trailer to go to the processor. Our steers will be close to 2 years old when they are ready for slaughter. We watch for the rump and brisket area to fill out and with our steers that has been between 18-24 months on grass. We have planned our 2023 slaughter date with the benefit of finishing these steers off on spring grasses that will translate to a healthier cut on your plate. With the rising price of supermarket beef you will also see a savings in your wallet. To secure your beef and make a deposit fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange payment of deposit and discuss cut options with you to help you begin to prepare for when your steer goes to the processor.

Spring 2023 Beef Basic Cost

Slaughter and Rendering Fee: $120.00 (+ $50 for half)

Processing Price per LB: $1.00 on the Hanging Weight

Cannonsnap Farms Price per LB: $4.00 on the Hanging Weight

Additional Processing Fees:

These are prices that are determined by how the customer wants the animal butchered.


Custom Portion cuts - $0.85 per LB in addition to Hanging Weight (you want a cut to be a certain weight other than standard)

Custom cuts not on Cut Order Form - $0.60 per LB in addition to Hanging Weight

Burger Patties - $1.25 per LB in addition to Hanging Weight

Example 1200 lb Steer live weight:

(The following numbers are approximations assuming no additional costs are incurred at the processor.)

750 lbs hanging weight

490 lb boneless, trimmed beef 

Claim Your Beef

Whole Beef     

$3,000.00    Cannonsnap Farms 

$120.00       Slaughter and Rendering Fee    

$750.00       Processing Fee ($1.00/lb Hanging Weight)

$3870.00     Total Cost (avg $7.90/lb based on 490lbs)

$300.00     DEPOSIT (Deposits are refundable up until 45 days from slaughter date. Our Spring 2023 slaughter date is June 14th.) 



Side of Beef

$1,500.00    Cannonsnap Farms

$110.00       ½ Slaughter and Rendering Fee + $50 Side Fee

$375.00       Processing Fee ($1.00/lb Hanging Weight on ½                     of Hanging Weight)

$1985.00    Total Cost (avg $8.10/lb based on 245lbs)

$200.00     DEPOSIT (Deposits are refundable up until 45 days from slaughter date. Our Spring 2023 slaughter date is June 14th.) 

Our Herd

 We started our herd in November 2019 with the purchase of a Black Baldy cow with calf at side, a Red Angus cross cow with calf at side, and two heavy-bred commercial Angus cows. We slowly acquired more Angus cows along with some nice Charolais and Angus cross heifers. We run twenty-five head which includes six steers and four young heifers. 

We currently have a breeding agreement with my brother and use one of his low-birth weight Angus herd bulls. We expect to have fourteen calves on the ground this spring. This will be our biggest calf crop so far! This spring we take our next step and will be looking to buy our own herd bull.

We are still a year or two away from our dream of offering pastured beef to consumers. We are growing our herd slowly to allow us to continue to implement regenerative agriculture practices and improve our land. We rotate pastures, seed cover crops, and avoid synthetic pesticides to control weeds. We will be seeding native grass mixes in the spring to help replenish pastures that have been overgrazed and overrun by weeds. In time this will benefit our herd and allow us to grow out and produce quality, all-natural beef to sell to our customers and feed our own family. 

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