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Standard Australian Shepherds

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Our Story

In the fall of 2019 our family lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Beau, to sudden onset canine lymphoma. I knew we wanted a loyal family dog, but one that would also enjoy being around cattle and running around the ranch. After several weeks of research and phone calls to breeders we settled on Australian Shepherds. Gary and I knew this was the breed for us due to the versatility of the breed. Aussies, as Australian Shepherds are affectionately called, were bred to work livestock. However, the Aussie of today is a versatile dog that can serve as a beautiful and intelligent companion or service dog, participate in agility sports, dock-diving, hiking, breed shows, and so much more. They are loyal, highly intelligent and easy to train. Aussies do need a job as they have a fairly high drive to perform tasks and enjoy being active. 

In December 2019, our family welcomed Finn into their home. A sweet black-tri pup that stole our heart as soon as his paws crossed over the threshold. Soon after followed Holly, a red merle, and Leia, a blue merle. Our family has learned a lot about the breed and is dedicated to producing quality pups that will make excellent family pets or working livestock dogs. In November 2021 both dams had their first litters. We decided to spay Holly and keep her with us as a beloved companion pet. We kept an outstanding female (Ahsoka) from Leia and Finn's litter and added a gorgeous red merle female (Roxy) to our program for the future. Our Aussies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and/or with the American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR).

We put a lot of work, dedication, planning and love in raising our Australian Shepherd puppies. We strive to offer pups that fit all budgets. When inquiring about a puppy it is very helpful if we know what your plans will be for your puppy and what your budget is. Our puppies are well-bred and come from working and show lines. We do genetic testing on our adult Aussies. Scroll on down to meet each Aussie and view the available pups.

Our Aussies


We have PUPPIES! 

Puppies are READY for their forever homes!

All remaining pups have had all their puppy boosters plus Lepto and Bordetella! They are on Hartguard for protection against heartworms and other internal parasites. Send us an email and see if one of our pups is the perfect match for you!

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Finn x Leia - born 06/20/22
ASDR, Ready to go home 08/15/2022

"Halo" Blue Merle female

Halo is a sweet and sassy girl who is eager to please. She loves to rumble with her brothers and then curl up in your lap for a nap. I think she has the drive to work or play and could go any way you want her to. All puppy shots given plus Lepto and Bordetella.

"Hangman" Black-Tri male

Hangman is almost the spitting image of his daddy, Finn. Loves to play and rumble with the other puppies. Super sweet and attentive pup that could go whichever way you want him to. All puppy shots given plus Lepto and Bordetella.  


"Rooster" Blue Merle male

Roo-Roo is a curious boy that loves to play with us already. He already shows an eagerness to please. He is striking with all the color in his coat. Will be a big boy that aims to please and be a show stopper wherever you take him.

"Phoenix" Blue Merle female

Phoenix might be the smallest, but don't let that fool you. This stunning girl is starting to catch up and can hold her own with her littermates. She is attentive and laidback. We are excited to watch her grow and see more of her personality.

"Maverick" Black-Tri male

Mav is Black Tri perfection with his gorgeous tan points and full white collar. He's a big cuddle-bug and loves giving puppy kisses. Can't wait to see more of his personality come out as he continues to grow over the coming weeks. All puppy shots given plus Lepto and Bordetella.

"Payback" Blue Merle male

Payback is a gorgeous, big boy that loves naps snuggled up to his mama and playing with toys. He's a laidback pup and would make a great best friend for a little boy or girl.

"Amelia" Blue Merle female

Amelia has the cutest face with her unique markings. She's laidback and easygoing. Loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. Sweet as pie girl that would fit your family perfectly.  

"Fanboy" Black-Tri male

Fanboy has lots of white on his chest and beautiful tan points on his face. He is an old soul and one of the first pups to greet us in the morning for snuggles and play. Would make a perfect family dog for certain. He has one blue eye as of right now. All puppy shots given plus Lepto and Bordetella.

"Penny" Blue Merle female

Penny is a sweet and curious girl that loves to play and cuddle. She is a gorgeous girl with beautiful markings. She will be absolutely 

stunning when she matures.